COR Learning Center, the County's Learning and Organization Development solution, provides learning, consulting, and performance solutions on a wide range of enterprise needs. Specializing in learning and performance improvement, COR Learning Center is committed to helping you achieve results.



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Accolades from VitalSmarts

Because of Len Wittroc's hard work our Lives Impacted community impacted 30,807 lives this year!

Len contributed 295 lives to our total. Thank you for making our mission a reality and changing people for the good!


Leadership Advantage 3.0

COR Learning is proud to present the latest Leadership Advantage program, a leading-edge leadership skills training and development program designed by experts to make learning quick and engaging. 
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COR Learning Online Update

COR Learning Online has a new look and feel, making it easier to navigate and get to the content you want fast. 
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  • “ This course has inspired me to make my team the best ever. This has given me great direction and knowledge… I am now very motivated to be the best supervisor I can be! ”

    Anne ChicoineMH-Calworkers
  • “ The team at the COR Learning Center is making a very positive impact here at the county. Assisting your customers with innovative and cost saving initiatives like WebEx delivery of training is just another example of that positive impact. ”

    Michael G. AlexanderDeputy Auditor-Controller
  • “ This has truly been one of the best and insightful training experiences that I’ve had. ”

    Maria MuldrowEconomic Development Agency
  • “ When my boss first told me that he felt I should go through all of the classes at the COR Learning Center, I was hesitant. I didn’t feel I would learn anything of real value. Boy was I wrong. I have taken something from each of the classes and have successfully applied them to my day-to-day duties. ”

    Melissa BenderInternal Auditor Controller
  • “ Besides learning about organizations and communicating effectively, I have learned some valuable truths about myself. This will make me a much better person and asset at work. ”

    Gwen LogansRC Information Technology
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As Riverside County's learning center we provide employees and departments with learning and performance solutions to enhance public service outcomes. We strive to build a sustainable culture of continuous learning and excellence in Riverside County, a place where organizations and individuals thrive and public service is excellent.

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