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Answer: To enroll in the any of the Academies you must complete each of the following: 

  1. Complete, print, and sign the Authorization to Attend Academy form. 
  2. Please make sure to include the cost of the Academy on the form. This is required before your request can be processed. 
  3. Your Manager/Supervisor must sign the authorization form.
  4. Fax or Email the completed form to:
    Fax: 951-955-9727 

You will receive an email confirmation for each of the Academy classes upon receipt of your completed authorization form.

See additional details about COR Learning Center’s Academies



Answer: Some courses are offered only within an Academy; however, many are available as stand-alone classes. For a listing of courses that may be taken without enrolling in an Academy, please view the Career & Personal Development folder within the Course Catalog

Answer: County of Riverside employees would need to contact their Human Resources department to make updates to their profile, the COR Learning Center and COR Learning Online both receive all profile content from PeopleSoft, therefore, changes must be made in PeopleSoft by Human Resources. 

If you are not a County Employee with an Employee ID, please contact

Answer: New class offerings are added periodically based on demand and/or availability of seats. If a class you are interested in is full, please check our website regularly; seats are opened for enrollment when cancellations are received. 
Answer: Yes, classes can be paid for in cash or by check made payable to COR Learning Center. Payment must be received at least seven (7) business days prior to the beginning of class. COR Learning Center accepts payments made in person or mailed to us at: 3450 14th St, Suite 118, Riverside, CA 92501. Please contact if you need to make alternative payment arrangements. 

Answer: Once you've logged into the COR Learning Center you will see a section labeled "My Current Class Schedule," under this header you will see all classes you're currently enrolled in. 

Answer: Once you've logged into the COR Learning Center:

1. Click Training Transcript in the left navigation pane of the Dashboard

2. Click on Date Range (or Start/End Date) to select a year or date to filter the training records  (Select All to view entire training records)

3) You can select Export to PDF and File to view/print Training Transcript

Answer: Yes, if you are completing an online course you will get a completion notification automatically. If you are attending an instructor-led training (webinar or in-person) you will receive a completion notification once attendance has been received and recorded.
Answer: To login please follow these steps:
  • Visit our website email 
  • Select the COR Learning Center Login Now link
  • Select County Employee to login
    • Username- County E-mail address (Example:
    • Password- Use your current desktop password

Answer: If you miss a County Mandated/Required Training, log on to the COR Learning Center and enroll in a future available date. 

Should an unexpected event prevent you from attending a Career & Personal Development or an Academy class, a one-time courtesy makeup is offered, subject to availability of dates and seating. Please email or call us 951-955-3255 for assistance. 

Answer: Once you've logged into COR Learning Center, you will see a section labeled "My Learning (Training Activities)." These links list contains the mandatory classes you are due to complete. 

A list of required training for Supervisors/Managers and New Employees is available on COR Learning's website under Mandated Training. Please be aware that some mandated training must be repeated on a periodic basis, please note the "Update Frequency." 

Answer: Operations staff at COR Learning Center can perform limited, preliminary troubleshooting of technical questions with our classes. If the issue appears to be unrelated to our systems, you will be referred to your department’s IT team for further assistance. 

Answer: It is important to check your email at least 1-2 business days in advance of a live webinar to ensure you have received either an email or an Outlook invitation with access instructions. Email no later than 1 business day before your training if you have not received access instructions.

On the day of your training, please make sure you can sign in to the webinar site at least 30 minutes before class begins; call us immediately at 951-955-3255 if you need assistance.

To avoid a “No Show,” you must notify us that you need assistance prior to the start of a live webinar.  Each employee must be signed in individually and have a telephone available for audio to participate in and receive credit for a webinar; employees may not “share” a computer.

Answer: No, enrollments are not transferable. Please see more information on making up a missed class.

Answer: Any classes you have enrolled in through COR Learning Center, regardless of completion status, will appear in your training history. If you believe a class should be on your COR Learning transcript, and it is not listed, please check with your Manager or Supervisor first. Some department-specific training classes are taken on learning platforms which are not connected to COR Learning Center’s system. Your Manager/Supervisor or department Training Coordinator should be able to assist you with locating your records.

Answer: “No Show” means there is no record of your attendance in a class. “Incomplete” indicates that you either left early from a single day class, or you were absent from one or more sessions of a multi-day class.

It is essential that you sign the roster each day you are in class, as this is the official record of your attendance. Instructors may not always be able to recall and verify your attendance if you forget to sign the class roster. When completing a webinar, the instructor must be able to see that you are signed in and you have answered any quizzes that are part of the training. For this reason, computers should not be “shared” when multiple employees in your department are taking a webinar.

Answer:  Yes, fees vary depending on the class.  Please review our Terms & Conditions for further details. 

Answer: All stand-alone classes must be cancelled at least seven (7) business days in advance. Please be sure to read and understand the Terms & Conditions before registering. If these criteria have not been met, you will need to email to cancel your enrollment.

NOTE: Academies must be cancelled no less than 30 days prior to the first session, and cannot be cancelled online.

Answer: Managers/Supervisors have access to view employees who report directly to them, as designated in PeopleSoft.

Once you've logged into COR Learning Center:

1.       Click the down arrow next to Supervisor Options in the left navigation panel.

2.       Click Enrollments to see a list of your employees’ current class enrollments.

3.       Click Learners to access enrollments and/or training transcripts by individual employee name.

 Any changes in reporting of staff should be made through your Human Resources representative.

Answer: Full reports on your staff’s, unit's or department’s training activity may be obtained by contacting your Human Resources Services Team.

Answer: COR Learning Center can assist you with enrollment and completion status questions for Behavioral Health classes. Information regarding course content, prerequisites or CE credits can be obtained from the RUHS Behavioral Health. For Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) classes, please call 951-955-7155; for Workforce Education Training (WET) classes, call 951-955-7154.

Answer: Retirement Workshops are an optional resource available to help you plan for the future. COR Learning Center can assist you with enrollment and logistical questions about workshops. If you have specific questions about your retirement savings plan, please contact the Benefits Department at or 951-955-4981.

Answer: Yes, once you have a Non-County ID you can register online for courses. If a fee applies, payment must be made in advance; please see payment information

Answer: Please email and provide us with the following information:

1.            Your name

2.            Address

3.            Email address

4.            Home or cell phone number

5.            Company/Organization name

6.            Billing contact name and address

7.            Company/Organization phone number


Please request your Non-County ID a minimum of ten (10) business days before the class you are interested in attending. This will allow ample time for COR Learning Center to create your ID and notify you that you are ready to register online.

Answer: If you have completed a 2-hour Management Harassment Prevention training within the past two years, please forward us a copy of your certificate or other official record of completion to at We will review the certificate and update your training history accordingly.