COR Learning Center continues its goal to improve Riverside County public service outcomes by enabling greatness in County departments, divisions, organizations and individuals through a multifaceted approach. Offering world class live in-person learning opportunities, organizational development and consulting services, online learning, eLearning development services, professional certifications, and County wide learning management. 

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Organizational Development

Providing quality consultation services to enable County Departments and Divisions to increase effectiveness and achieve their performance goals. 

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Online Learning

COR Learning Online offers hundreds of free online courses, training videos, ebooks, and audio-books available to all County employees 24/7.

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Training & Events

World class in-person learning opportunities that enable greatness in employees and divisions to help improve public service outcomes, county-wide.

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COR Academies

For a discounted price,
COR Learning offers four rigorous leadership and management academies which incorporate a variety of courses and skills.

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Certificates, Degrees & CEU

  • Nursing
  • Six Sigma
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Technology

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Employees can earn credit from eligible courses towards undergraduate degrees available through University of Phoenix, Drexel University, and George Mason University.

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Employees can gain Continuing Education Credits (CEU) from eligible courses.

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What Other's are Saying


  • My experience of the Supervisory Excellence Academy definitely exceeded my expectation. The caliber of instructors, the material used, and the culture fostered throughout the Academy were so exceptional. Before graduation, I was ready to put in use everything that I had learned from the academy to transform the workplace for ultra-efficiency and ultra-effectiveness. Public Service is pivotal in any society and I am proud to be a public servant.

    -- Sue Warner
  • Enrolling in classes is easy, as is checking classes taken and classes needed to be taken, not to mention convenient! I was able to enroll my employee, as well as myself for the mandatory classes coming up, quickly and hassle-free!

    -- Lori Williams, Riverside County Fire Department
  • I can take the lessons and tools I learned and apply them to help me and my team accomplish our goals. I find myself being more aware of what I say, how I say it, how to approach a challenging situation.

    -- Sandra Garcia, CHA Clinical Management
  • This educational workshop dealt with current issue and how to remedy them with very realistic solutions. I can’t wait to meet with my staff.

    -- Rudy Godoy, Shelter Services
  • The training I received not only helped me in my business environment by helping me understand the differences between persons and how to deal with each person and situation differently but also helped me in my personal life.

    -- Guadalupe Rodriguez , Senior Child Support Specialist
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