MEA Academy Enrollment Packet

How to Enroll?

To enroll in any of the Academies you must complete each of the following: 

  1. Complete, print, and sign the Authorization to Attend Academy form:
    Management Excellence [PDF]
  2. Your Manager/Supervisor must sign the authorization form.*
  3. Fax or Email the completed form to:
    Fax: 951-955-9727 

You will receive an email confirmation for each of the academy courses upon receipt of your completed authorization form.

*Check with your supervisor to see if you also require a travel/training request form. 

**If needed, see above MEA Academy Enrollment Packet for an Academy Schedule, Authorization to Attend form, Cancellation Policies, & Authorization to Reschedule/Makeup Classes form. (Note: Availability of makeup classes are not guaranteed.)  


Academy Location


Parking @ RCIC

All participants attending courses at Riverside County Innovation Center (RCIC) located at 3450 14th St., Riverside, CA, will be required to display a County of Riverside Parking permit (blue decal or other county issued parking permit).  You may obtain a parking permit by contacting EDA Parking Services by phone: 951-955-5129, fax: 951-955-5531 or in person: 4293 Orange St, Riverside CA 92501.

If you do not have a permit on the day of the event, please arrive 20 minutes early so you will have time to obtain a temporary permit from the RCIC lobby desk and place it in your vehicle's window prior to the start of class.


The fact is, no organization has ever become great without exceptional leaders who can connect the efforts of their teams to the critical objectives of the organization, tap the full potential of each individual on their teams, align systems and clarify purposes, and inspire trust.

Who Should Attend: The Management Excellence Academy is designed for any employee, non-supervisory, emerging, or current leader that desires to develop and/or expand on their core leadership competencies.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why "old school" leadership style is ineffective in today's business environment
  • Skills for building trust and influence with others
  • The most effective way to define a team's purpose and the "job to be done"
  • How to align the four essential systems that drive success:
  • The proven process for creating a strategic link between the work of the team and the goals of the organization
  • How to connect the work of the team to the organization's economic model
  • Skills to master key conversations that will help you break through to greatness

Prerequisite: None. 

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Requirements for Certification:


    1. Complete all courses:


    2. Submit Graduation Application [PDF]  

    • Please submit this application after all required courses have been completed. In order to be considered for Graduation, please fill this form out in its entirety and submit by email/fax to COR Learning Center. Once received, COR Learning Center will verify that the information is correct and send an email to notify the eligibility status of the Graduate.  



Retail Per Person

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