RIVCO HR Talent Management now offers Performance Advantage Series             The Performance Advantage Series learning journey is intended for individual contributors who are interested in making a positive impact within the workplace. These courses are online and supported by one of the County’s experienced RIVCO HR Talent Management Live Learning Coaches. You can register for any Learning Journey that interests you when available! 

On the first day of each course, participants will receive an email with course information from the Live Learning Coach. Your Live Learning Coach will welcome you to the program and provide you with the criteria for receiving a certificate of completion. Additionally, the Live Learning Coach will be available to guide you if you need assistance in navigating the online journey. You will be expected to complete the 2 hour self-paced online learning event within a 2-week time frame. The course will require computer audio. Upon completion of each course, participants will receive a certificate. The cost is free! Limited seats available, don't miss out! 

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  Ethics, Integrity, and Trust - Monday, June 11, 2018 - Monday, June 25, 2018 -  Available Soon!

Trust among co-workers fuels effective leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and opens communication. Trust is an energizer. Employees are being asked more and more to adapt to change, to take risks, and to work together to meet difficult goals. These feats are difficult to accomplish without trust. When the word "trust" is spoken you pay attention because most everyone has experienced the power of trust when it exists, and the pain when it's betrayed.



  Influence and Persuasion - Coming Soon!

The skills of influence and persuasion are highly valuable in people. In your diverse workplace, there are complexities and challenges. Choosing a direction or course of action can have business-critical implications. You depend on others to execute strategies and manage projects. Resources are limited. For these reasons, people must be able to appeal to thier team in ways that bring about beneficial results - for them and for their organization.

  Managing Upward Relationships - Coming Soon!

Knowing how to "manage up" is an advantage in most organizations. Top managers are closest to the company's strategic efforts and directives. They have knowledge, experience, insight, and connections that can benefit your ability to grow as an individual as well as to better assist the members of your work group. There are skills and techniques that people can use to gain the access to and win the confidence of those in more senior roles of the organization.

  Perseverance and Flexibility - Coming Soon!

The expression "It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it" has never been truer for people. Faced with continually changing external events and a workforce fraught with uncertainty and full of opportunity, people must demonstrate a unique combination of perseverance and flexibility. This means knowing when to "stay the course" and when to "shift gears" when leading people and processes.

  Customer Focus - Coming Soon!

Today's interconnected global marketplace gives customers more choices – and more information about their choices – than ever before. Organizations need people who create internal customer-focused cultures that seek to fulfill what their customers are trying to accomplish. This means supporting the people who serve the customer, finding and using information to help target and engage customers, and continually improving products and services to create customer loyalty.


  Project Management - Coming Soon!

Project management is a valued discipline in many organizations. It is used to plan and oversee a work effort from start to finish, using an organized system of processes and tools. People can play a variety of roles in project management: coach, stakeholder, and at times project team member. In order to play a leadership role in project management, you must understand the discipline enough to help project managers and teams meet their vision of success and deal with inevitable challenges.


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