About COR Learning Online:

In support of the County Executive Officer’s vision to encourage continuous learning in Riverside County, Human Resource’s COR Learning Center has launched COR Learning Online.


Recognizing that the way people learn has changed substantially through technology; learning is bit-sized, collaborative, mobile, and focused on application, County of Riverside, Human Resource’s COR Learning Center, partnered with Skillsoft to deliver a learning platform that meets these diverse learning challenges.  COR Learning Online offers hundreds of free and accessible online courses, training videos, ebooks, and audio-books available to all County employees 24/7. See Usage Agreement.

Accessing COR Learning Online

Go to COR Learning Online: https://corlearning.skillport.com/

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 Getting Started

 Skillsoft offers video tutorials for using COR Learning Online. 

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 Unable to Login to 
COR Learning Online?

Most login issues are resolved by following these steps:

  • Clear your browser cache/history
  • Close your browser
  • Restart your computer
  • Attempt to login to COR Learning Online again
Still having difficulty? Please send an
email to CORLearning@rc-hr.com



 Upgrades/Updates and Fixes

08.01.16 - COR  Learning Online Update

04.29.14 - Java JRE 1.7.0_55 and 1.8.0_05 pop up window (see PDF)



For more information on COR Learning Online, please send an email to CORLearning@rc-hr.com

 COR Learning Online Support

Connect directly with Skillsoft Customer Support online.  On this site, there is:

  • Live help (available 24/7) from Skillsoft technical support
  • Browser test - to ensure your system is properly configured
  • Contact Skillsoft - customer support via phone or email
  • Submit a case - submit to request a new support case
  • Knowledge base - access to the entire suite of user documentation for all Skillsoft products


Also listed on the customer support page is a category of "How to Resolve" the following issues:

  • Login problems
  • Course launch issues
  • Course progress issues
  • Books 24X7 issues
  • Skillsoft course manager problems
  • General how-to


If you are still unable to log into COR Learning Online after completing the above steps, please contact Skillsoft customer support directly through Skillsoft’s Live help or contact Skillsoft.