Mandated Training

The County of Riverside has specific mandated training that must be completed by all employees, as well as additional requirements for those in manager and supervisor positions.

Some of these required trainings are available online and some will need be taken in-person. Mandated training can be registered for through the
COR Learning Center.

Please review the list of requirements and ensure you have completed all your mandated training. 

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COR Learning Center

The COR Learning Center is the County of Riverside's online Learning Management System.


COR  Learning Center allows county employees to register for upcoming in-person training activities, complete mandated training requirements, as well as take online course. 


Employees will need their
Employee ID Number to login. 

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In support of the County Executive Officer’s vision to encourage continuous learning in Riverside County, Human Resource’s COR Learning Center has launched COR Learning Online provided by Skillport.


Offering thousands of online courses, videos, ebooks, audio books, and other resources; employees can now learn from anywhere with any computer or mobile device free of cost. 

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Need help ?

Need help finding a course or resource? Having trouble launching an online activity or registering for an in-person course? The COR Learning team is here to help.