RIVCO HR Learning & Development

"Enrolling in classes is easy, as is checking classes taken and classes needed to be taken, not to mention convenient! I was able to enroll my employee, as well as myself for the mandatory classes coming up, quickly and hassle-free!" -- Lori Williams, Riverside County Fire Department

Management Learning Journey

“This has truly been one of the best and insightful training experiences that I’ve had.” -- Maria Muldrow, Economic Development Agency

“I can take the lessons and tools I learned and apply them to help me and my team accomplish our goals. I find myself being more aware of what I say, how I say it, how to approach a challenging situation.” -- Sandra Garcia, CHA Clinical Management

“This educational workshop dealt with current issue and how to remedy them with very realistic solutions. I can’t wait to meet with my staff.” -- Rudy Godoy, Shelter Services

Supervisor Learning Journey

“This course has inspired me to make my team the best ever. This has given me great direction and knowledge… I am now very motivated to be the best supervisor I can be!”-- Anne Chicoine, MH-Calworkers

“This academy impacted the way I manage at work and in my personal life. I came in a little skeptical and walked away a believer.” --Anonymous Supervisor

Professional Assistants Academy

“Besides learning about organizations and communicating effectively, I have learned some valuable truths about myself. This will make me a much better person and asset at work.” --Gwen Logans, RC Information Technology


Organizational Development Services

"This has been a great opportunity to invest in the professional growth and development of our staff, and has brought the department closer to achieving our succession planning goals and laid the foundation for us to become an evidence-based organization. From the individual session surveys, the general feedback over time has been that Mike and Len are great instructors, the material is relevant to the core leadership and management competencies that we wanted to develop, and the flipped classroom has been efficient for the most part. The one negative feedback on the on-line courses has been technical and/or user difficulties with navigating the sections. This has been a great partnership and we’re glad to be the first department to test the flipped classroom." --Rosario Rull, Probation



"First I'd like to thank the staff at RIVCO HR Learning & Development for an outstanding service. The training I received not only helped me in my business environment by helping me understand the differences between persons and how to deal with each person and situation differently but also helped me in my personal life." -- Guadalupe Rodriguez, Senior Child Support Specialist 

"I attended the webinar, led by Mike Horsepool. I enjoyed the course, and was impressed by Mike’s ability to convey the information in a way that was very engaging.  I have received the emails regarding these classes before and was always skeptical, but I figured it was free so why not give it a shot.  I was not disappointed, and plan to take classes in the future.  Thank you for providing this service." -- Chad Young, Environmental Programs Department

"As an Executive Assistant II, there are times that I can’t get away from my desk or tasks.  I was able to keep up with the class and complete specific requests from the Director with little or no disruption to the class.  I was even able to eat lunch! This is a great idea. I am looking forward to doing this again. It was very positive for me." -- Anonymous

"That was my first online training session – I thought it was great!!  Easy to follow, communicate, and wicked convenient! " -- Donna Clifton, County Vehicle Coordinator