RIVCO HR offers HR Training for Managers/Supervisors              

Would you like to learn some key concepts regarding Human Resources (HR) topics? Have you ever wondered how an HR process works?

Well, you're in luck! We have created online courses, videos, and/or content regarding HR functions. As a manager or supervisor you may have been assigned an online course(s). These online course(s) provide resources, support, and guides for a wide variety of HR functions. You can select any of the following links to register for or access any additional supplemental content for more details.


- Details = Discusses topics that are covered in each section.

- Overview = This course may have been assigned in the SumTotal Learning Management System (LMS) to a

  manager or supervisor. If you are a manager or supervisor, you can also select the link directly from here to sign 

in to access the training.

- Supplemental Resources = Provides different links to videos and/or content for more information on the topic.



  Recruitment/Hiring -  Available Soon!

Details:  Recruitment, Pre-Employment Process, fill a vacancy, CRF Form, Conducting an Interview, Position Evaluation 

Overview:  Recruiting - Link 

Supplemental Resources:  CRF Form - Link



  Employee Relations/Discipline - Coming Soon!

Details: Manager's Role in the probationary period, EEOC and Uniform Guidelines, Interacting with Employees (i.e. Development, Discipline, Performance Management), Tardiness, Manage performance issues, Completing a PIP, Unconscious Bias, Diversity in the Workplace, Employee Relations process, Layoff Procedure, Report Harassment, Policies

Overview: Employee Relations - Link

Supplemental Resources: Link  

  Classification & Compensation - Coming Soon!

Details: Manager's Role in Position Evaluation, about RIVCO Class specifications

Overview: Link

Supplemental Resources: - Link

  Leave - Coming Soon!

Details: Consider layoff and accommodation candidate, Layoffs, LOAs and accommodations, Reasonable Accommodation, FMLA Designation Notice, Worker's Compensation and Leave absence

Overview: Link 

Supplemental Resources: Link 

  Safety - Coming Soon!

Details: Violence in the Workplace incident, When to contact Safety, How to handle serious injury/death at the workplace

Overview: Link 

Supplemental Resources: Link

  Risk Management - Coming Soon!

Details: What is Risk Management?

Overview: Link 

Supplemental Resources: Link


  Worker's Compensation - Coming Soon!

Details: What is Worker's Compensation? What do I do if I am injured on the job?

Overview: Link

Supplemental Resources: Link

  Benefits/Retirement - Coming Soon!

Details: What are the benefits/retirement? 

Overview: Link

Supplemental Resources: Link


  General - Coming Soon!

Details: Difference between Culture of Health and Wellness, Commute options for employees, Accessing a Carpool space, Manageing projects, Effective Communication, Working as a team, Web tutorial of resources on HR website, Brief overview of HR services/departments

Overview: Link

Supplemental Resources: Link


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