Eligibility – Who is eligible to apply for an apprenticeship?


  • To participate in the Apprenticeship Program, applicants must meet all eligibility criteria. Students failing to meet the criteria become ineligible and must be removed from the program.  Any exceptions to the eligibility criteria must be approved by the Apprenticeship Program team.  

  • Apprentice and Veteran Apprentice Qualifications:  

    • Participation in a LAUNCH Apprenticeship Program is required. 

      • For more information, visit: https://launchapprenticeship.org/.

      • Students must remain in good standing in all the courses they enroll in while participating in the Apprenticeship Program. 

    • Students must be legal permanent residents, U.S. Citizens, or Green Card Holders (permit to work). International students are eligible if the department understands that the County does not sponsor international candidates for permanent employment and if an exception has been approved by the Human Resources Director in advance.

    • In addition to the minimum qualifications above, students must meet additional required and desired qualifications depending on the nature of the apprentice assignment and needs of the assignment department. 

      • Exceptions to the above student status requirements, and/or qualification requirements must be reviewed and approved by the Human Resources, Learning and Development Division in advance.