The following procedures are to be used by departments for the recruitment and selection of Apprentices. Departments may request a job posting that the Apprenticeship Program advertise, recruit, and provide initial screening for all applicants.


  • Departments Referring a Particular Candidate(s): 

    1. If the department has already identified the candidate(s) they would like to hire, they are responsible for submitting a requisition in the NeoGov OHC system along with the resume(s) and contact information of the selected candidate(s) for processing.  

    2. The Apprentice team will then contact the candidate(s) for any required documentation (i.e., resume, enrollment in a LAUNCH Program verification, etc.) to verify eligibility. 

    3. Once the documents have been received and eligibility has been established, the Apprentice team will contact the candidate(s) to begin the onboarding procedures (described below).  

  • Current Employee Participation:
    • If a current county employee decides to participate in the Apprentice Program, they must meet all the requirements outlined in the eligibility section and below: 

      • The employee’s current department must approve of the placement in the Apprentice Program. 

      • Employees must be in good standing in their current position with no current documented performance issues.


  • Apprenticeship Open Recruitment: 

    1. The recruiter will market recruitment pool by utilizing advertising methods, including college electronic job boards and the Riverside County Human Resources job announcement webpages. In addition, an email marketing campaign will be distributed to the established university program contacts.   

    2. Recruitment pools will be posted twice a year for the fall and spring terms with the fall recruitment pool running from mid-August until the end of September and the spring recruitment running from mid-February until the end of March. 

    3. Once the posting has closed, the recruiter will review resumes and identify top candidates. Candidates must meet the Apprenticeship Program requirements, including enrollment in the LAUNCH Program. The recruiter will review the candidate’s eligibility with the LAUNCH Program directly.  The resume review process can take 3-5 business days. 

    4. Resumes will then be forwarded to the sponsoring department to schedule interviews and make a selection. If requested by the sponsoring department, the recruiter will interview the candidates and make a selection.  

    5. Once the documents have been received and eligibility has been established, the recruiter will contact the candidate(s) to begin the onboarding procedures (described below).  

  • ​​Onboarding Procedures: 

    1. The candidate will be contacted by the Apprentice team to complete the following steps:  

      1. Schedule a meeting to conduct a Live Scan background check (fingerprinting) and complete hiring paperwork. Live Scan results from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI are typically received in 48 hours but occasional delays can take up to 30 days.    

      2. Upon clearance of the background check, the Apprentice team will refer the student to a physical examination with the Occupational Health Office.  The physical requirement can be waived depending on the type of Apprentice work being required.  Clearance for the physical exam can take anywhere from 1 day to 1-2 weeks depending on the student’s availability.   

      3. Upon clearance from the background check and physical exam (if required), the Intern team will contact the department and student to determine a start date. 

  • Note: All offers of employment for an apprenticeship are contingent upon the results of the background check, which will include, at a minimum, a criminal record check through the California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.  In addition, where required, the offer is contingent upon a satisfactory drug and alcohol screening test and physical examination to determine physical ability to perform the duties of the position offered.  The background check and physical exam must be completed prior to employment commencing.  Applicants who fail the drug test component of the physical examination, where required, will be ineligible for employment with Riverside County for one year, in accordance with Board Policy.