How can I get money for textbooks & tuition?


The Textbook & Tuition Reimbursement program is designed to provide financial assistance to qualified employees pursuing education for identified difficult-to-recruit or leadership / management positions.

Once approved, participants are reimbursed for the costs of textbooks, tuition, registration and laboratory fees for courses required to obtain an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, license, or certification as identified on the approved career development plan.


Eligible reimbursable costs:

Laboratory fees
Required textbooks


Note: Visit Participating Departments to find out whether your department participates in Textbook and Tuition Reimbursement. 

To apply for Textbook & Tuition Reimbursement please complete and submit the Educational Support Program application which can be found on the Apply page. Once we receive your completed application you will be contacted to take an on-line career assessment. Once the results are received, you will be scheduled to meet with a career counselor and have an opportunity to discuss your County career and educational goals.