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11/23/2021 - Rescheduled: Vet Services Lunch n' Learn

6/8/2022 - June Lunch n' Learn: Educational Support Program (ESP)

10/19/2022 - October  Lunch n' Learn: Financial Aid Workshop Video

12/08/2021 - Lunch n' Learn: L&OD Services Overview & What's coming up in 2022

6/29/2022 - June Veterans Lunch n' Learn for Hiring Managers

1/12/2022 - January Lunch n' Learn: Educational Support Program (ESP)

9/14/2022 - September L&OD Interview Prep & Resume Workshop

3/15/2022 - March Lunch n' Learn: Meet & Greet College Partner

10/04/2022, 10/26/2022, & 11/15/2022 - Lunch n' Learn L&OD COR Learning



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