The Riverside County Human Resources (HR) Department “Passport Program” is an innovative, fun, and creative travel-themed cross-training program intended to grow and develop our existing workforce. The program was developed internally by Riverside County HR’s Learning & Organizational Development division, in an effort to provide cross-training opportunities to staff who serve in a specialist capacity and would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn new skills or work outside of their specialist assignment.


Participation in the Passport Program enables a staff member to learn how to execute specific tasks and projects in a given functional area, by working with another staff member or team for a set period of time. The Passport Program benefits our employees, as well as our County departments, as it promotes future talent, development, and makes all parties familiar with the various functions of their department.


If you are interested in implementing the Passport Program within your department, please e-mail today for a consultation with our Program Development staff.

Happy travels!


Passport Program Overview and FAQ - Click here for more information


Passport Program Glossary of Terms

Traveler: The employee who is learning a new area, the trainee.

Passport: Document detailing where an employee has traveled. Stamps are issued in an employee’s Passport Book once they have successfully completed all activities and projects on the destination’s travel itinerary.

Travel Itinerary: Document listing all projects and activities a traveler would be expected to complete when traveling to a particular destination.

Travel Alert: Issued when a destination team is ready to accept a traveler(s) to their team.

Travel Guide(s): The employee(s) who are training the traveler on their area of expertise.

Destination: The team the traveler is visiting.

Boarding Pass: Document issued by a manager, granting their employee permission to travel, to where, and for how long. A Boarding Pass is required in order to apply for a travel alert.



Check out these testimonials from Human Resources Passport Program participants!

  • “I really enjoyed it. I always like learning all aspects of HR. These programs are great for helping you grow your resume and new opportunities.”
  • “I liked the process. Everyone involved has been supportive and it seems adventurous! Thank you LOD Team!”
  • “I think the program is great because it provides an opportunity for employees to get a glimpse of an area that they might be interested in without leaving their current job.”
  • “I really have enjoyed the process and watching someone learn.”
  • “Everything went well and our participant found the experience to be very insightful and a lot of fun.”



Human Resources Employees Click here for more Information: Human Resources Department Passport Program


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