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Diversity and Inclusion

We provide resources for Diversity and Inclusion through Skillsoft Online. 


Dealing with Diversity Course - 27 Minutes

·        Workplace Diversity

·        Dealing with Diversity

·        Embracing Diversity to Build a Talented Workforce

·        Challenging Prejudice and Stereotypes

·        Balancing Cultural Expectations and Diversity

·        Encountering Resistance to Diversity

·        Exercise: Embracing Diversity: Benefits & Challenges


Your Role in Workplace Diversity - 30 Minutes

·        Examining Your Core Values and Beliefs

·        Adjusting Self-talk to Manage Reactions to Diversity

·        Guidelines for Incorporating Diversity

·        Supporting Diversity Through Your Actions

·        Using Flexible Communication Styles to Aid Diversity

·        Improving Active Listening to Encourage Diversity

·        Using Inclusive Language to Promote Diversity


Understanding Unconscious Bias - 24 Minutes

·        What Is Unconscious Bias?

·        Biases That Result from Making Assumptions

·        Seeking Confirmation of Our Biases

·        Biases that Arise from Fixation

·        Addressing Bias to Benefit the Workplace

·        Exercise: Exploring Unconscious Bias


Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace 25 Minutes

·        How Differences Relate to Unconscious Bias 

·        Subtle Signs of Unconscious Bias 

·        Using Micro-affirmations to Combat Unconscious Bias

·        Leading an Organization to Overcome Unconscious Bias

·        Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

·        Systems to Combat Organizational Bias 

·        Exercise: Combating Organizational Bias


Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases 21 Minutes

·        Recognizing Your Own Unconscious Bias

·        Observing Your Unconscious Bias Objectively

·        Form New Relationships to Overcome Your Bias

·        Avoiding Unconscious Bias when Making Decisions

·        Combating the Return of Your Unconscious Bias 

·        Exercise: Getting Past Your Biases 


Active Shooter Training

We provide training resources for Active Shooter Training through Skillsoft. Active Shooter training provided on this website is not a substitute for workplace violence. 

Link: https://www.skillsoft.com/active-shooter-training/