RivCo Talent Login 

(Access to County Mandated Training, Performance Management, and Online Learning Library)

RivCo Talent Login

County Employee Network login with @rivco.org and Network Password




  • Please ensure that you clear your web browser cache before logging into RivCo Talent Login (Resource Link).
  • If you work for the Assessor-Clerk Record, you should login using your regular username (ie username@asrclkrec.org)
  • If you work for the District Attorney, you should login using your regular username (ie username@rivcoda.org)
  • If you work for the Sheriff’s, you should login using your regular username (ie username@riversidesheriff.org)
  • For Riverside University Health System (RUHS), you should login using your regular username (ie username@ruhealth.org)

‚ÄčIf you have any questions with Login, Guides, etc. please visit Customer Support


More Info

The County of Riverside has specific mandated training that must be completed by all employees, as well as additional requirements for those in manager and supervisor positions. The County also provides access to Performance Managment and a library of online content including videos, courses, certification preparation and much more!


  • Some mandated courses are available online and others will need to be completed in-person. 
  • Please review the list of requirements and ensure you have completed all your mandated training. 
  • Link to Terms & Conditions


Need help ?

Need help finding a course or resource? Having trouble launching an online activity or registering for an in-person course? Our team is here to help. Check out our Customer Support page for more information.